Monday, 22 August 2016

Incredible Elephant Ride and Safari in Jaipur

Beauty resides in praising someone, and we are here to praise the royal mammal “The Elephant”. The cultural of celebrating festival has been a tradition since ancient India and we are doing our part to carry forward the same.
It feels beautiful when someone adores you, recreates you and make you feel special and that’s quite similar as for these mammoths. They are huge, elegant and lovable. An elephant is born after two year of pregnancy, if nature spend its quality time to create the existence of this creature then how special would be spending time with them and it could be only experienced with the expert staff of Elefanjoy who are serving Elephant Ride and Safari in Jaipur. You can perform various exotic fun and frolic activities at Elephant House Jaipur and Elefanjoy crew helps you out in your trip making it a momentous. 
elephant ride in jaipur

Elephants are one of the world’s most uniquely recognizable mammals, an elephant is worth millions;
*      Celebrate with them.
*      Introduce them to nature and vice versa.
*      Safest and beautiful friend to accompany throughout wildlife.
*      Paint them, make them funny and let them enjoy our company.
*      Let them be part of your wedding and remember them while cherishing memories.
The most entertaining ride is with the elephants, they are huge and slow. One can relish wildlife scenarios with proper sight. Pluck the fruits with ease throughout your safari and let your elephant be partner in your enjoyment and fun. Feel the real rajasthan heritage look with Elephant Safari in Jaipur. Ecosystem is needed to be adored with its elements like pond, sky scraping trees, rivers, flora and fauna and numerous set of Eco cycles. Present trend is trekking with the elephants and touring the royal fort of Jaipur. From elevated viewing sight, glory of the forts increases up to a couple of times. Elefanjoy assist you to make your wonderful trip momentous.
elephant safari in jaipur
Polo is among one of the royal retro game often enjoyed by higher hierarchy officials. You can relish the same with us at Elefanjoy. We have been organizing several polo events for you to enjoy with family and friends and capture tons of million random clicks to recall the success stories later on. Witnessing an elephant speeding is a rare but our team makes that quite repeatable in the game. A stick chasing a ball and fidgeting with goals is indeed super awesome and awaited to be experienced by you.
Best once in lifetime experience is adoring a baby elephant. Nature takes approximately 24 months to create a baby elephant and has imparted intricate details into the creature. Spending time with the cute little creature is extra ordinary. The love is witnessed in mother elephant eyes when she feeds her child with eternal care and love.
Sometimes there are difficulties in understanding the historic existence of the fort, kings and their ancestors as information may not be in your mother tongue. We at Elefanjoy are ready to provide you with trained and certified guide in almost every possible language whether it be French, Deutsch, Chinese, Spanish or Russian etc.
We are savours for the elephant and wildlife and aid every one of us to enjoy with them as friends.
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