Monday, 10 October 2016

Ride and Safari in Jaipur with Adorable Elephants

Elephant are among of one of the divine creatures ever designed by the almighty nature. They are huge, sacred, adorable and astonishingly unique. They are among one of the long living creatures on earth, and that is a one more add on which attracts our respect towards them. We have witnessed many wars on various fronts as those of ancient times as well as modern warfare, and fact remains unchanged that Elephants among the lead cavalry of the battalion.
Processions are also carried to celebrate festivals, make one’s phase of life momentous and undoubtedly tusk enforcers, elephants are lead of the same. Have you known the reason, why? Answers to it is given by nature in a realistic way. Huge creature is part of our ceremony and enjoyment, sharing its enjoyment with ours. Also tusk Enforcers add royal look to the procession as very few in the world are lucky to have their enjoyment shared with them.
elephant ride in jaipur

We at Elefanjoy ( have preserved few of the legends to steal a glimpse of yours and your family, engraving a mark in your memories of fun n frolic. Let kids play with the baby elephants, sharing fun and exotic time that’s precious to be recalled. Let your toddlers experience how it feels to be with the largest mammal of the land. They are cute because they can’t jump but can run much faster than a running human.
Cultural festival are meant to be successful when there’s an elephant in the procession, as there’s a saying for the elephant in India – ‘Gajanan Dev’.
We at Elefanjoy have various exotic and completely royal services offered in accordance with the elephants, making them partner in your enjoyment. We make sure you mark your enjoyment well on your timeline, like elephant ride and safari in jaipur.
There exist various common games as hockey, cricket, soccer, rugby, etc. but have you ever witnessed ELEPHANT Polo? We guess you haven’t because it is among one of those royal games which highest clan would have enjoyed. But in today’s era of equality we have conserved it for you. You can be part of the royal game.
elephant safari in jaipur

Creativity is at its best when it emerges from the heart, unleashing our vivid imagination and exploring the eternities of the mind. In Similar Way we have an event scheduled for you with our cute and adorable elephants. It feels awesome when someone draws a tattoo design on our hand, ironically elephants also feel the same, but also their designer and painters feel special after painting a master piece. You can also have a snap with your spiritual painting on a natural canvas.
Whenever a tension or disturbance in our lives have been encountered, rocking your lives leads a way out to the serenity. Symbolically Elephant Safari in Jaipur is one way out from the workloads, targets, you mere enjoy the nature’s peace clubbed with the chirping of the birds.
Elefanjoy also provides you with best certified guides of the City to entertain you and let you each and every minor details of the sanctuary. Guides are here to explain the culture of Royal Rajasthan, their hierarchy, and present lives of the kings. We give linguistic support to almost every language as Deutsch, English, Latin, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.
Feel Free to contact our team to enhance your nature’s experience. We also provide you with the best guidance over accommodations and local services.
“Atithi Devo Bhava!”
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