Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Ride and Safari in Jaipur with Lovable Elephants

“Have you ever witnessed the largest mammal of the earth playing with the smartest creatures of the planet, If not then we recommend you to join us to catch a glimpse of the nature relishing with its beings and much more..”, and that’s just a short story how we celebrate the Elephant Ride in Jaipur, in the city of Rajvadas, capital of the state of the Emperors “The Rajasthan”.
elephant safari in jaipur

Elephant on one hand are enormous, aggressive but their aggression changes to love and fraternity in a moment. They are adorable, cute, gracious and last not the least but lovable. Elefanjoy holds a track record to take tourist to an exotic excursions in utmost unique way, rocking on an elephant’s back, taking a close look into the woods, feeling the sky scraping flora and fauna, and stealing glaze of wildlife. Things are too vast to be described and to be elaborated. One who feels, knows the truth how pleasurable it is to relish with nature.
Kids when step their first step into Kindergarten, they just learn to hold the paintbrush, and it becomes super exciting for their parents to make momentous memory of it, then we can compare how special would you and your kid feel when they have their mud bath with baby elephants, and painting them, decorating then after. A child birth is beautiful so as birth of an elephant. Lucky are those who capture the moment of an elephant coming into existence in their memories which are hard to diminish. A baby elephant awaits you to spend some time with you, to play with you and pose with you.
Safaris trips are highly addictive, relishing with friends, celebrating the party, etc. We are your personal assistant to guide you through out the city history and make an everlasting bond with your Travel Mate “The Elephant”. We travel in open Jeep – we feel good, when we travel on elephant it is simply awesome. It feels like nature’s rocking chair. Traveling across waterfalls had never been so adorable.
elephant ride in jaipur

Royal Families have a sport which relaxes, stretches and makes your body active. That sport has been brought and reserved specially for you to experience it. Make your teams, know strangers, develop bonding with them and lead with the team spirit. If it is so exciting just reading about it, then how exciting would be to relish it.
People from all over the world come to the Pink City to celebrate vacations, make momentous memories, and learn about the culture, tradition, attires, behaviour and so on. This is completely full of thrill but Elefanjoy adds more thrill and living into the context by providing you the guides trained in our supervision to give you the best knowledge they possess. Be it Germans, Poland, USA, UK, Japan, Spain, France, etc. we have our services for everyone.
We believe in”Your Thrill and Excitement contributes to our Satisfaction”
“Atithi Devo Bhava”
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